Class 487 Thursday Morning Review

Now that we have some PhotoShop, Image Ready and HTML under our belts lets see how much we remember by going over these review questions.

  1. Which is not a valid HTML tag?
    1. <ADDRESS>
    2. <CITE>
    3. <CODE>
    4. <PT>
    5. <VAR>

  2. What provides application specific semantic markup, allowing authors to create their own logical tags?
    1. Cascading Style Sheets
    2. HTML
    3. HTTP
    4. <META>
    5. XML

  3. Which logical HTML tag denotes strong emphasis?
    1. <ADDRESS>
    2. <EM>
    3. <I>
    4. <STRONG>
    5. <VAR>

  4. What is the current standard version of the HTML specification?
    1. 1.0
    2. 1.1
    3. 2.0
    4. 3.2
    5. 4.01

  5. Which is a browser safe color?
    1. #012345
    2. #033033
    3. #333366
    4. #808080
    5. #99AAEE

  6. If your browser has only the Geneva, Verdana and Helvetica fonts, in which font would your browser display the word "happy" if it parsed the following code segment:
    <FONT FACE="Arial, Courier, Helvetica">happy</FONT>
    1. Arial
    2. Courier
    3. Geneva
    4. Helvetica
    5. Verdana

  7. In what font size would your browser display the word "happy" if it parsed the following code segment:
    <BASEFONT="4"> <FONT SIZE="+8">happy</FONT>
    1. 3
    2. 4
    3. 7
    4. 8
    5. 12

  8. What PhotoShop pallette shows us the layer heirarchy?
    1. Navigator
    2. Layers
    3. History
    4. Swatches
    5. Channels

  9. What color is "#FFFFFF"?
    1. black
    2. blue
    3. green
    4. red
    5. white

  10. Which Photoshop tool allows you to "clone" content from one part of an image to another?
    1. Clone Tool
    2. Dodge
    3. Burn
    4. Clone Lasso
    5. Clone Stamp

  11. Which is a point tag, requiring no closing tag?
    1. <B>
    2. <I>
    3. <IMG/>
    4. <TT>
    5. <VAR>

  12. Which statement is true?
    1. All images in HTML are rectangular.
    2. SIZE is an attribute of the "IMG" tag.
    3. STYLE is an attribute of the "IMG" tag.
    4. HOST is an attribute of the "ADDRESS" tag.
    5. STYLE is an attribute of the "META" tag.

  13. What section of an HTML document contains information about the document?
    1. The BODY section.
    2. The FOOTER section.
    3. The FORM section.
    4. The HEAD section.
    5. The META section.

  14. What does URL stand for?
    1. Uniform Reference Library
    2. Uniform Reference Locator
    3. Uniform Resource Locator
    4. Universal Reference Locator
    5. Universal Resource Locator

  15. BORDER, CELLPADDING, CELLSPACING, and WIDTH are attributes of which HTML tag?
    1. <TABLE>
    2. <TD>
    3. <TH>
    4. <TR>
    5. <UL>

  16. Which is The PhotoShop tool which automatically senses the differences in contrast in a circular brush and creates a selection marquee along that line?
    1. The Magnetic Lasso
    2. The Magic Wand
    3. Slice Tool
    4. The Burn Tool
    5. History Brushr
  17. Which is not a sub-set of SGML?
    1. XML
    2. HTTP
    3. HTML
    4. XHTML
  18. In order to add to a selection area in PhotoShop you must.....
    1. Go to the Edit menu and choose add and then select more
    2. Find Someone who knows how to use PhotoShop
    3. Hold down the Control Key and select more
    4. Hold down the Shift key which adds a plus sign to the selection tool and select more.

  19. Which statement about Adobe Image Ready is True
    1. Image Ready Can Create PSD files.
    2. Image Ready is a versitleRaster Image Manipulation tool which supports the creattion of various optimized file formats as well as GIF animation, rollover buttons, tables to contain sliced image pieces and, image-maps.
    3. Image Ready is used with a Live Server
    4. Image Ready Comes with Front Page.

    Your Doing a Great Job!.
Please remember that I always have time for anyone during the class week who wants clarification and or expansion of course material and or realted subjects.