Friday Review

Let us see how much you have learned by going over these review questions.

  1. Which statement is true?
    1. DIV is an attribute of the "ID" tag.
    2. FrontPage has several ways to provide style sheet information.
    3. ID is an attribute of the "IMPORT" tag.
    4. Style sheets were invented by Microsoft and only work with Internet Explorer.
    5. The STYLE attribute can only be applied to point tags.

  2. Which is True regarding the Property Inspector in Dreamweaver?
    1. It controls and displays the properties of the object selected
    2. It comes to your house and makes a code check
    3. It displays the attributes of the element currently selected
    4. It shows the values of all CSS rules for an element
    5. It contains buttons which will place element types into your document.

  3. Which is false regarding JPEG?
    1. It is a raster image format supported by Web browsers.
    2. It is intended for photographic images.
    3. Supports 24-bit color.
    4. Supports animation, interlacing and transparency.
    5. Uses a discrete cosine transformation compression method.

  4. ACTION and METHOD are attributes of which HTML element?
    1. <FORM>
    2. <GET>
    3. <INPUT>
    4. <SUBMIT>
    5. <VAR>

  5. Which is not associated with Adobe Photoshop?
    1. Palletized menus.
    2. Filters.
    3. Swatches.
    4. Paths.
    5. HTML validation.

  6. Which product is associated with .psd files?
    1. Adobe ImageReady
    2. Adobe Photoshop
    3. Microsoft FrontPage
    4. DreamWeaver
    5. New Order Directory

  7. What generates a line break in both FrontPage and Dreamweaver?
    1. <CTRL>+<RETURN>
    2. <CTRL>+<SHIFT>
    3. <RETURN>
    4. <SHIFT>
    5. <SHIFT>+<RETURN>

  8. Which is an attribute of the <SCRIPT> tag?
    1. ALIGN
    3. NAME
    4. PARAM
    5. VALIGN

  9. Which image format supports black and white, interlacing, transparency, animation, and lossless image compression?
    1. GIF
    2. JPEG
    3. x-bitmaps
    4. x-pixelmaps
    5. None of the above

  10. Which is not valid HTML?
    1. <BODY BGCOLOR="#808080">
    3. <TD BGCOLOR="#808080">
    5. <TD></TD>

  11. Which is not one of the four design principles of layout design?
    1. Alignment
    2. Consistency
    3. Graphics
    4. Proximity
    5. Repetition

  12. Which is not considered part of Dynamic HTML?
    1. Form field validation
    2. Hiding and displaying images.
    3. Java
    4. Moving text and images across a Web page.
    5. Rollover graphics.

  13. Which is false regarding forms in HTML?
    1. Forms allow the user to interact with a Web page.
    2. Forms can be nested.
    3. It is possible to define multiple forms on one Web page.
    4. The ACTION attribute defines the server-side program that will process the form data.
    5. The contents of a form are passed back to the Web server when the Submit button is pressed.

  14. Which statement is false regarding FrontPage?
    1. A FrontPage WEBBOT can run on all Web servers without exception.
    2. FrontPage has a draw table tool which can be used to merge and split table cells.
    3. FrontPage has a Navigation view which is used to define the structure of the Web site.
    4. HTML source code for shared borders can be edited.
    5. Themes in FrontPage define the appearance of headings, graphics, and colors for the entire Web site.

  15. Which is not associated with MicroSoft Front Page?
    1. Report Generator
    2. Microsoft Feel Interface
    3. Master Borders
    4. Themes
    5. Portability of All Features

  16. What are the three tab choices for viewing an individual web page in Front Page?
    1. Server,Client and Compatibility.
    2. Edit, Source and Preview.
    3. Small, Medium and Large
    4. Normal, HTML and Preview

  17. Which is not associated with FrontPage?
    1. Desktop Publishing
    2. Shared Borders
    3. Themes
    4. WEBBOT
    5. WYSIWYG Editor

  18. Which are not features of FrontPage?
    1. JavaScript Editor
    2. Site Management Tools
    3. O'Reilly reference
    4. Layers
    5. All of the Above

  19. What Front Page View shows the pages in your web and their hierarchy as well as the ability to add pages to that hierarchy?
    1. Navigation
    2. Reports
    3. Themes
    4. Hyperlinks
    5. Page

  20. Which are not features of Dreamweaver?
    1. Shared Borders
    2. Themes
    3. WEB-BOTS
    4. Task Management
    5. All of the Above

It wasn't that hard.