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Love For Fardella cousins all over the earth .


The above link is the gallery of the town of Cortina.
The Bell Tower which the Soroptimists placed their plaque upon, The Alps in the Fall after a rare early snow, The Splendid Hotel Venezia,The original Catholic Church which just celebrated it's 800th year, sculpture in the town square etc. .


The above gallery is of Florence but especially of the "pajama church" Cathedral of Santa Maria Nuova, it is covered in sculpture done and directed my Michelangelo. Also the infinity door


Fardella Roots. Trapani from all the research I have done is unequivically the base trunk of the Fardella family tree. With my father's passing and 2008 I went on a pilgrimage to Italy and Sicily to return my father's remains to the homeland. While in Sicily I visited three towns, first Isola Detlef M&A which is just outside of Palermo.


After Isola I drove along the coast to reach
Trapani. A good friend of the Fardella family Giacomo provided excellent hospitality and the perspective ofTrapani that was historic, political coming from someone who has lived in Trapani all their Lives. The two days I spent in trap in the


The above gallery is of my father
Luigino Mazzariol's home town outside of Venice. It is a beautiful town in the rolling hills between Venice and the Alps. The town square and the architechture are magnificent. There are rivers which run right through the town. My Aunt Bianca still lives there in the family home.

I have been in contact with many Fardellas from Sicily to Chicago to South Africa to Canada to Long Island and San Francisco. In my research into the Fardella family history I have found a long list of Fardellas all over the world who have made contributions to medicine, the arts, sciences, law enforcement, music, sports, cinema, education, law, philosophy, literature, politics, technology, the military and government.

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